Canadians Demand A Return To The Avro Arrow!

Many of Harper's critics are angry that the government does not want to put the famed Avro Arrow back into production. Wikipedia states that: During the flight testing, the Arrow failed to reach either of the mach 2 top speed or 2-g turn requirements of the time. (Modern fighters such as the F-35 are rated for 9-g turns.) The Arrow didn't fly as high or as fast as Dan Aykroyd and the CBC say in the 1997 movie, 'The Arrow.'

But on Sunday a retired Major/General, Lewis MacKenzie, was on the Global show, 'West Block,' to make the case for putting the 1950s plane back into production. This led to many flocking to Twitter to voice their support for it.

The Bricklin. What Canada should do is bring back the Bricklin. A gull-wing sports car made in New Brunswick it was the safest car around before the government pulled the plug on any more funding.

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