A Gaycentric Highschool?

Somebody proposed that the Toronto school board create a high school especially for queer students and the media is abuzz over it. I didn't know we can do that! Did you know you can suggest things to the school board?

Has anybody ever considered how hard it must be to be an Albino? Probably one of the most marginalized groups: So marginalized that nobody has suggested creating a school for them. While gay people fit in in downtown T.O. and even have a parade once a year, those with albinism hide from crowds and are often portrayed as psychotic bad guys when someone makes a movie from a Dan Brown novel. Albinos deserve their own school!

And what if you're left-handed? Everything from pencil sharpeners to calculators are made for right-handed people! And did you know that, statistically speaking, there are more lefties than gay people? Why should gays get a school catered to them and not the left-handed?

But this is all so mind numbing that you have to ask what if you have a student who's a gay albino that's left-handed? In a special case like this I think he should be immediately graduated and made leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

What the Toronto School Board should really do is pool their resources together and build an Olive Garden in Toronto. Did you know that there are no Olive Gardens in all of Canada?

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