The Prophet Muhammad VS. Little Girl With Down Syndrome

Pakistan is in turmoil as people who had nothing better to do decided to call for the murder of an 11-year-old Christian girl with Down syndrome for burning the pages of the Koran. It is a pretty clear-cut case as a witness says he saw the girl leaving her apartment carrying a jar or possibly a bag of some sort. Since she is from a Christian family it became pretty obvious that she had been destroying the pages of the Muslim holy book and getting rid of the evidence. It is unknown at this time whether the Pakistani police force has somebody like inspector Columbo working for them to figure out what really happened in cases like this.

Since the Prophet Muhammad is some sort of all-powerful spirit laws must be enforced to protect him from little girls with Down syndrome. The punishment for insulting the Prophet is death. Overnight hundreds of protesters flocked around the little girl's house demanding that justice be swift and merciless.

Muslim protesters.

The girl is now in jail awaiting trial. More here:

People of Pakistan:  America is so crazy that people with Down syndrome aren't thrown in jail on trumped up silly charges. They are encouraged to live normal lives and even fit in! See...

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