Suzuki Motors Thanks India For Ignoring War Crimes Of WW2

After a fight in a factory led to a riot and one person being killed, Osamu Suzuki of the Suzuki Motor Corporation visited the nation to reaffirm his company's support for building autos there. The last time he was seen Suzuki was stuck in a four hour traffic jam. But before that he was quoted as saying that the Japanese look up to India because an Indian judge turned a blind eye to war crimes after WW2.

Here Japanese soldiers bury Chinese civilians alive.


Here the Japanese behead a captured Australian pilot.

There are reports that the fight started because of a caste dispute; a system set up in India where Indians hate each other based largely on the hue of their skin. As Mr. Suzuki tries to find his way out of traffic, workers have gone back to their jobs and are now outnumbered by police in case any further trouble occurs.
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