Saudi Arabia Must Be A Beautiful Ethnic Matrix!

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Why are all the kids on Saudi Arabia Little League Baseball Team blond? Are there blond kids in Saudi Arabia?

I find it absolutely adorable!

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saudis are not represented by one single race of people..
There are blacks, browns, blondes, orientals,, all races represented in the saudi nationalities..
SaudiArabia many hundreds of years ago was a barren desert land and only inhabited by nomatic people coming from all over on the trade routes across asia to N. Africa and Europe.. People settled in areas where it was most commerce cause it probably was too hard to travel back to their original homeland.. So once Saudi became a national country, All the people inside were given citizenship.. So there are people from all over the world living in SAudi from hundreds of years ago.. I am a school teacher and I teach blonde white skinned blue eyed kids as much as brown black oriental.. all considered arabs and speak fluent arabic.. its amazing...

(Mintee must be a teacher in that part of Saudi Arabia known as Narnia where unicorns run freely on the streets and some of his other students are Care Bears).

Arabian-American (but mostly American) Little League team.

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