Singer Sarah McLachlan Bad Mouths Ailing Industry!

Halifax Grammy and Juno award-winning singer Sarah McLachlan doesn't care that some people are into the ways of old: Traditionalists with other values who want to maintain a piece of their identity and tradition. In an open letter to the Prime Minister she took a shot at an ailing industry. She said that 8-track tape factories are no longer lucrative.

The eight-track cartridge was popular from the 1960's up until 1980. Finally people no longer had to only listen to the radio in their cars; they could hear whatever they wanted to. When the regular cassette arrived it had a smaller size and could be rewound but, did you know that 8-tracks have superior sound quality?
I don't think  a big city celebrity like Ms. McLachlan could care less about all of the people who made a living in this industry.
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