Sad News: Former PM Joe Clark Experiencing Senility In Old Age

The 16th Prime Minister, Joe Clark, now 72-years-old, has begun to experience his second childhood. Soon he'll wear pants all the way up to his chest and hang out at the local Wal-Mart telling youngsters: "Back in my day I was the president of Ottawa and I had me a Studebaker limo and Lester Pearson was my chauffeur."

Joe Clark: Artist's depiction
Angered that they took the, 'P' out of the old, 'P.C.' party and that his prodigy Peter MacKay's reputation is in decline, Joe wandered into the McGill University's Institute for the Study of International Development and began to give a long, rambling speech on how he doesn't like Harper and Thomas Mulcair is the man he's thinking of backing.

This probably led people to ask: 'Wasn't John Turner the PM after Trudeau and before Mulroney?'
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