Put The Avro Arrow Back Into Production Mr. Prime Minister!

When Canadians discuss the Air Force the Avro Arrow is sure to come up. As is with the case of the escalating costs of the Lightning II procurement, people on Twitter are bringing up how Canada cancelled the supersonic jet program in 1959.

Here's a blog that states: The Arrow was a supersonic design through and through, with ‘clean’ lines to achieve high supersonic speeds and a large internal weapons bay, and although this would have allowed some multi-role capability, in a dogfight or at anything approaching low-level the Arrow airframe would’ve handled like a pig. It simply wasn’t designed for that mission. The CF-18’s we have today can deliver a variety of ordnance from all altitudes, as well as hold their own in a closein dogfight.

As for the Arrow's legendary speed. Here's a comparison...

1959 Arrow top speed: Mach 1.98
1970 Mig 25 top speed: Mach 3.2

1959 F-105 top speed: Mach 2.08
1959 Delta Dart top speed: Mach 2.3
Top speeds found at Wikipedia.
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