Human Sacrifices In Mexico!

The cult of Saint Death or Santa Muerte  is not sanctioned by the Catholic Church. However, over the past ten years it has seen significant growth among the Mexican population. It is popular with drug dealers...

Worshiping death seems like a perfectly rational thing to do to some people.   
Now in northern Mexico 8 people have been arrested in the ritual human sacrifice of 2 10-year-old boys and an adult woman.

More crazed religions will only add to the diversity of our ethnic matrix. Wikipedia states that:

As of 2009, devotion to Santa Muerte has been on the rise in the United States for the past ten years or so, mostly following the millions of Mexicans who have immigrated to the country. Evidence of devotion to her can be seen anywhere there is a large Mexican community, such as New York City, Houston, Tucson and Los Angeles. There are fifteen officially registered religious groups dedicated to her in Los Angeles alone, which includes the Temple of Santa Muerte.

Ritual Human Sacrifice: Coming to a Town Near You?
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