Fidel Castro Says Harper Must Be Stopped!

Senile cold war relic Fidel Castro ranted about the Harper government in an essay published over the weekend. Called “Stephen Harper’s Illusions," and posted on the official Cuban government website, Fidel laments about the, "damage caused by the Yankees to the people of Canada. They forced the country to look for oil by extracting it from huge extensions of sand that are impregnated with that fluid, thus causing an irreparable damage to the environment of that beautiful and extensive country.”

Hey Fidel: I've actually been to Moa, Cuba...I want my money back from that vacation.

It's fair to point out that while America forces Canadians to destroy the environment looking for oil, Canadian mining companies set up shop in Moa. And it's also a safe bet that before the mines got there Moa was still the ugliest city in the Americas. And trust me: If you're ever in Cuba don't go to Moa... You'll be sorry.

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