Win A Czech Bride?

Halifax radio station Q104 has sparked outrage because of a contest where the winner will be sent to the Czech Republic through a marriage/dating agency to try and find a bride.

This has been advertised by Q104 as, "We're giving away a mail-order bride," causing many to point out that they're objectifying women. It is a lot of false advertising as the fine print only promises four dates with women signed up with the dating firm. Others have pointed out that this is really no different from shows like, 'Canadian Bachelor.

Q104 stands by its shock jocks with JC Douglas, the director of programming, telling the Prague Post that,
"I think they're rightfully concerned about the portrayal of women in the media.  But we believe there's a huge difference between using a sexy photo to attract a male viewer or listener, and exploiting women against their will … or making a statement that women are only valuable for their sexuality.  We've had many strong, sexually liberated female performers on Q104 over the years and still do."

The contest is now closed with the winner to be announced on Monday. However, by looking at the Q104 website, I don't think their average listener stands a chance...

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