Top News In Canada!

Playbook Beats iPad

It must come as a shock to people in technology: The RIM Playbook outsold the Apple iPad at Future Shop and Best Buy. But it's not surprising as the RIM is over $300 cheaper, being one of the best priced tablets around. RIM'S not out of the woods yet: In December Gizmodo wrote that the tablet is killing the company, speculating that they loose money on each one sold. Meanwhile the American government, traditionally a big user of RIM's other products, have been dumping Blackberries for the iPhone, getting rid of almost 7000 in announcements earlier this month.

 Ottawa Vs. Anonymous

Hacker group Anonymous had some things to say about Vic Toews' controversial online surveillance bill in a Youtube video which parliament has deemed threatening to Mr. Toews. The government must now decide what action to take. The covert group of unknown hackers who hide out on the internet and wear masks in public may even be asked to appear infront of  a parliamentary committee.

See. Here's the exact quote from the Toronto Star: "The Commons can now debate whether to order the hackers to appear before a committee." Some people are probably having a sleepless night tonight. You know who you are.

And Now: Canada's Top Story...

Fretful Day For Local Hobbyist

A man jumped off of the Scarborough Bluffs today intent on doing some paragliding. But the wind wasn't on his side. Instead of going gently down he went up. Not very far because he ended up in the top of a tree. After a half hour of struggling he managed to get down. Embarrassed he went home. Later he came back with climbing gear to get his tangled parachute back. But the cops were on to him. They told him that it was illegal to climb trees in Toronto parks. Apparently it's an old bylaw. So he went home without his chute.

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