Harper Flees To Thailand As NDP Throws Leadership Convention!

There has been an unexpected leadership debate which has taken place in Toronto. While we here at the Canadu Broadcasting Corporation try to keep you up to date on all important news regarding Canadian politics, we were asleep at the switch while this was going on. It's not surprising because it's one of Canada's other other parties that is choosing a new leader. It's not the Liberals or the Green Party; it's that other one-The one whose members insist on burning  holes in your retina with their neon orange lawn signs during election season. I think they go by the name,'Parti Néo-démocratique.'

But as they paraded out a series of leadership candidates to give speeches to 'Neo-Dem' followers, they berated and criticized Harper and even past Liberal governments. Claiming that they invented nationalized healthcare, they congratulated themselves on creating the country of Canada. Each made various threats as to what they'd do if Canadians were unwise enough to elect them into office. There's something like 8 of them vying for the Neo-Dem top job.

And as they took shots at Stephen Harper, where was he? Oblivious to the actions of a marginal political group, the Prime Minister was in Thailand on a trade mission: http://www.ipolitics.ca/2012/03/22/trade-on-agenda-as-harper-arrives-in-thailand/
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