Ending Racism In Downtown Toronto?

Today is March 21st and the, "International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination". The Toronto District School Board has come out with an aid for teachers on how white people have owned the world ever since Chinese culture went into decline. It's probably fair to say that justice will only prevail when the world is returned to its rightful owners: The Chinese. The PDF can be read here: http://blazingcatfur.blogspot.ca/2012/03/tdsb-days-of-significance-march-21st-is.html

Here are some exerts:

“Colour is something white people never have to think about because for them it is… a source of privilege” (page 22).

“There is a global racial hierarchy that helps to shape the power and the prejudices of each race. At the top of this hierarchy are whites.” (page 23).

“There is another reason, which is a specifically white problem. Because whites remain the overwhelmingly dominant global race, perched in splendid isolation on top of the pile…” (page 23).

“And the fact that whites have no experience of racism, except as perpetrators.” (page 23).

“Whites... have a vested interest in denying the extent and baneful effects of racism.” (page 23).

“White Canadians are not being honest with themselves. They are in denial.” (page 23).

“There is most likely a phenomenon of white privilege that was similarly denied... whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege.” (page 23).

And that was from the Toronto District School Board that is now, apparently, affiliated with the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada.

A white man contemplates what the world will be like when it's returned to its rightful colonial masters: The Chinese

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