The Day of Frivolous Law Suits

As local ambulance chaser Clayton Ruby tries to have Mayor Rob Ford fired and barred from politics in Toronto for the next seven years, Quebeckers have their own frivolous law suits. Last week a man who claimed ownership of much of the solar system was censored from ever launching any more crazy legal claims. Now a case just as nuts: People are taking on Tobacco. This is nothing new-it's just the scale of it. The biggest class action suit in Canadian history, 90,000 smokers are taking on 4 tobacco companies saying that they were duped into smoking. Each is seeking over $100,000.

But what if you didn't smoke? What do you get then? Shouldn't non-smokers sue the smokers to recoup their losses because of health concerns over second-hand smoke and the general irritation of people lighting up around them all the time?

President Obama smokes. Sue him.

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