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In order to help quell international dissent, Google has caved in to governments around the world. They've introduced localized domains for Blogger so that they can black out blogs on a country by country basis. Now, if you view any Blogspot blog within Canada, it will have the suffix .CA added to it instead of .COM. This will make it easier for them to press a button and censor the web.

This is a sad, sad day for Google. The company that once stood up to China is now working hard to Orwellianize the web.

Update: If you live in India and you want to change your blog back, add the code  from here BEFORE the HEAD in the edit HTML template. Note: It tells you to put it after the HEAD, I'm pretty sure it goes in before. If you live in Canada or anywhere else, you have to change the HTML for your country. This one is for India so where it says:

(‘’,’’) you have to change it to,

I'm not going ahead with this yet. I've tried it out on a Blogspot blog that I use as sort of a link dump and it works. But, I'm waiting because I want to cover all of ccTLD's: Right now I know Russia has gone over to .ru but, I'm unsure about Japan and China. And what about South America?

Also does anyone think Google will penalize us for doing this?

Update: add NCR to your address for a quick fix:
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