Who Was Leon Trotsky?

True communism leaves no system of command. It calls for mankind to be a brotherhood of equals. So there were a lot of confused Russians after the revolution of 1917! And all of this happened when the country was at war with Germany.

The Russian army had a reputation for being massive in size but untrained and even unarmed. Lenin himself had advocated their failure and loss before he came to power. Trotsky believed that the war would turn into more of a class struggle. After they seized power it was clear that the army would need leadership. So Trotsky, a former campus revolutionary, became a bloodthirsty warlord who circled Russia in an armoured tank/train, brutally stamping out any resistance to the new communist order that stood in his way.

Some people today would like to think that Trotsky, if he had grabbed power instead of Stalin, would have created a more gentler dictatorship. This belief  in an alternate communism is called, 'Trotskyism.' It amounts to saying, 'Gosh maybe if we could have found a nicer Nazi leader, the Third Reich wouldn't have been so bad.' The main tenant of Trotskyism is that Communism cannot exist in one country alone. What Trotsky wanted was to bring his brand of violence abroad. So it turns out that Josef Stalin was more of a gentler commie, believing in socialism in one country.

In 1921 there was an uprising led by Baltic sailors against the new regime of Soviets. They had sent out a group to witness what was happening in Russian towns and they discovered that the new order was brutalizing people. Some of  their demands were elections held using secret ballots, that farmers be allowed to own cattle as long as they do not employ human hired help, free speech, and a task force to look into whether prisoners were in the gulag for political reasons. The sailors were clearly not Czarists; they believed that the revolution should have given Russians freedom and democracy. Trotsky treated them as if they were  terrorists out to destroy Mother Russia: About 60,000 died.

Meanwhile as the new Soviet system was taking away people's land, Trotsky set up his peasant parents with a new vocation: Now they were rich. He liked calling opponents, 'bourgeroise,' but then that's exactly what the communist leader's friends and family became.

As Stalin seized power after Lenin died, Trotsky became an exile. From Mexico he continued to be an opposition force for his fellow tyrant. As the Soviet government continued to take people land  in what became known as, 'collectivization,' an estimated 30 million people were killed. Trotsky's main concern was that the farms weren't being taken away quickly enough, calling for this whole scheme to be further, 'militarized.'

The ruthless army man died at the age of 60 in 1940, when one of Stalin's agents killed him with an ice pick.
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