What Canadian Team Has The Best Chance Of Winning The Stanley Cup?

Somebody's getting beat up after class

It's Hockey day in Canada; at 2PM this afternoon the Jets will play the Penguins and the Oilers will be in Ottawa. Then tonight the Canadiens will be in Toronto.

So I ask the question which Canadian team has the best odds at winning the Stanley Cup? Things don't look too positive for Canada in this regard and it's been 20 years since the Montreal Canadiens won it. Will it ever happen again?

Here are some of the teams that may be in contention:

Ottawa Senators: The Sens were Stanley Cup champions in the 1920's. But then something happened. Canada's capital experienced a Stanley Cup drought. Infact, I can't even find any record of the Sens from 1934 to 1992: It's like somebody wiped them clean right off of all record books.

Montreal Canadiens: The head coach of the Habs is former Senator captain Randy Cunneyworth. And, from my understanding, because of the way he must slur his speech, nobody in Montreal can understand anything he says: http://theallsportskid.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/leave-randy-cunneyworth-alone/

Toronto Maple Leafs: They couldn't win the Cup in the 1980s because of a huge problem they had: It was something called Howard Ballard. Unless somebody gets an old limo and fills it up with hookers and scotch to lure the ghost of Ballard out of the Air Canada Center, they'll never win it again.

Vancouver Canucks: Some people think the Canucks have been cursed themselves. A team that at one point wore yellow as a home colour will never go on to win the Stanley Cup. Ever. But if they do make it to the final round of the playoffs, last years riots will leave many wanting a new War Measures Act.

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