Slander Warren Kinsella: Get A Free Backlink!

Yesterday was a great day at the Canadu Broadcasting Corporation. On Top Canadian Blogs we beat our arch enemy Scattered Joy. This is probably the first time that this has happened. Last evening Canadu had 114 page views and Scattered had 99.

Scattered is a very literate blog with long, relevant posts; whereas Canadu is just here to compliment my unwavering harassment of Justin Trudeau, Rick Mercer, and Bob McDonald, on Twitter.
"pure evil."
Also I constantly correct things a day later. 24 hours after writing a post it occurs to me that I shouldn't have named the article on trade between Canada and Denmark, 'Jonathon Torrens Finally Admits That He's The AntiChrist,' or started writing about the socioeconomic situation in Mongolia only to finish off by repeating the sentence, 'Jonathon Torrens is a being of pure evil,' 100 times.

Now after voicing my position on Torrens, I noticed something else while I was blog surfing: If you slander Warren Kinsella you get a free backlink. See:
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