CBC Fires Ezra Levant!

Ezra should have known that when you're a journalist in a country like Canada, you can't go ahead and say the things he's been saying about the CBC: It's the only game in town. Hubert Lacroix, known around the public broadcaster's offices as, 'El Presidente,' has had a word with his unterlings about Ezra, saying that he is, 'simply unacceptable, disgraceful, and intended only to tarnish the image and reputation of one of CBC/Radio-Canada's senior executives.' http://ezralevant.com/2012/02/cbc-wants-censorship.html

Although it has been suggested by some that the TV station which Ezra works for doesn't fall under Lacroix's jurisdiction it must somehow because it's the CBC we're talking about. It looks like Ezra is as good as gone. By this time next week look for, 'The Source,' starring: Sarah Polley.

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