Tony Clement Has Spat With Teen!

Tony Clement has apologized for calling a 15-year-old boy a, "jack ass," on Twitter. The whole thing happened because the boy was criticizing Clement's choice of spelling. He shot back that the kid was also using colloquialisms and then referred to him as a male donkey. This is the second time that this has happened as last year the treasury board president referred to a director from the Young Liberals as a jack ass. However, it should be pointed out that Clement is right. People who harp on grammar and Young Liberals on the social networking site are, infact, jack asses. What is the point of Twitter if adults can't use it to make fun of stupid teenagers?

Instead of this...

Twitter: Follow your interests


Twitter: Yours to discover

the new slogan should be...

Twitter: Giving adults the chance to ridicule dumb teens

No apologies needed, Mr. Clement. However, if you are NDP Winnipeg MP Pat Martin and you use Twitter to swear at a Catholic priest, than you're going straight to hell.
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