Rex Murphy Is A Racist!

Equal rights for everybody is dangerous thinking. Especially when you want to give equal rights to white men. Despite the fact that he works for the CBC, Rex Murphy had this to say...

This evolution of the law – if we can call it that – is not confined to strict matters of criminal enforcement. We see a shadow system of laws that have varying application in the whole human-rights apparatus in Canada. There we find that there are categories of people (sexual, racial, religious) for whom remedy against “offensive” behaviour is promised. Belong to one of the designated categories and a kind of justice is available for you, via the tribunals and commissions, by virtue of your category. You will be supported financially in seeking your “rights.” Fall outside the categories, however, and you are very much on your own.

In some cases, your solitude will be found in a hospital bed: Consider Sam Gualtieri, the white Caledonia-area contractor who was smashed with a two-by-four by Richard Smoke, an aboriginal man squatting in a residence where Mr. Gualtieri was working. The sentencing judge obeyed the Supreme Court of Canada by taking into account the collective experience of native peoples – the result of which was imposing on Smoke what almost everyone believes to be an extremely lenient sentence. [...]

However these historical situations came to be, whatever the benign intentions behind setting up our two tier legal system, its ultimate effect is to delegitimize the law in the eyes of Canadians.

This is crazy talk and it looks like Rex is probably going to have to clean out his desk at the CBC.  His line of thought is unacceptable. If you go to university you'll learn that everything early explorers said about natives (that they suffered from starvation, were in constant wars with other tribes, and that they engaged in cannibalism) is false because Europeans could only see things from a primitive European perspective, failing to understand the advanced ways of the Indians.  Before white people came along they lived in a utopian society that could have voted NDP and driven Volvos if they wanted to but chose to run free with nature instead. And all of that was taken away from them.

A white man contemplates what Indians were like before Europeans got here.
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