Liberal Convention Proves Libs Do Have a Sense Of Humour!

Ben Mulroney
I asked Justin Trudeau a pretty important question via Twitter a couple days ago and he responded in due time. It was something that I had been wondering about for quite awhile. It was: "Do people ever come up to you and say: 'Wow! It's Ben Mulroney?' " His answer to this was confounding: "Actually happens to each of us from time to time. Much hilarity always ensues..."

It doesn't even make sense! Is he saying that I, too, get mistaken for Ben Mulroney? Because I don't. This is not a funny comeback. He should have said something like: "Well...They don't mistake me for Regis Philbin," or, "Is Ben Mulroney Dermot Mulroney's son?" but he didn't. So I began to think the reason the Liberal Party had gone downhill is because of their lack of humour. But Bob Rae proves this isn't true.

At this weekend's convention everything Rae says is a riot! Leaving people laughing and laughing, he is part politician and part stand up comic. Using absurdest humour he threatened to rebuild the Grits and win a majority government in 2015! Coverage of this should be on Comedy Central.

It wasn't all funny, though. The politician formerly known as, 'Iggy,' opened for Rae. Claiming that he didn't know who Peter Newman was, he minced words and lamented on the fact that he never became a star. To take a stab at Rae now being the big cheese, he insisted that the next big act would really be an unknown Young Liberal. But thankfully, Iggy has taken the whole, "Rise up, rise up!" thing out of his performance.

Be sure to catch some of this on the news channels today because much hilarity is ensuing.
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