A Recent Nordique Game?

There was an alumni game between veterans of the Quebec Nordique and Montreal Canadiens at the Colisee on Sunday. Participating were the Stasny brothers, Joe Sakic, and Guy Lafleur. Remembered by most as a Hab, Lafleur ended his career with the Nordiques so he donned both sweaters last night.

Pamela Drinks a Glass of Water

Last Thursday actress/model Pamela Anderson was on the Ellen Show drinking a glass of water to demonstrate a simple purification method which has been developed for poorer countries. http://www.wavesforwater.org/

Pamela Anderson is originally from B.C.

Your Help Needed Now...Please Give!

It's being reported that the Conservatives are scurrying about trying to secure another $243,900 because they expect an election soon. http://impolitical.blogspot.com/2011/02/monday-in-conservative-election.html This with the budget coming? When Jim Flaherty stands up in the House of Commons to deliver the budget, which will probably be this simple sentence: 'No money for anyone', expect all of the other parties to join forces in calling for the anticipated election.

And our federal political leaders will be off on the campaign trail!
But first...The Tories are asking for your money. Remember, they were there for us when they prorogued parliament. Now they need our help. Won't you find it in your hearts to give?

Here's an advertisement I created to help them raise the funds...

Remember those attack ads directed at Michael Ignatieff and his less than lackluster character and sense of being Canadian? Well they cost money. Now we need $243,900 to finace even more...

If you have it in your heart to help the Conservative Party to continue delivering their message of how awful Iggy is, donate here: https://secure.conservative.ca/contribute_online/

Bye, Bye, Salvia!

The Feds are planning to ban the hallucinogen salvia. Currently considered a, 'natural health product' it would be moved into the same class of drug as marijuana and ecstasy.

The herb isn't seen as being addictive but results of long term usage aren't known. It produces a high that usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes.

Salvia is from the mint family of plants and is native to Mexico where it is still used today in shamanic rituals. As a health supplement it can be used as a diuretic or to cure headaches.

It has, however, been banned in Delaware where it was linked to the death of teenager Brett Chidester.

Psychedelic Saskatchewan

Did you know that the word, 'psychedelic' was invented in Canada?  Weyburn, Saskatchewan, to be exact. A psychiatrist named Humphrey Osmond first used it to describe his experiences as he studied the effects of LSD and how it mimicked schizophrenia.

Canadian Supercar?

A Montreal company (Visit their website here to see more pics of the car: http://www.httsupercar.com/en/index.html) plans to build a supercar, rivaling other exclusive brands that make road racers in the $300 000 price range. The Plethore LC-750...

At that price only Celine Dion and a couple senile Canadian senators will be able to afford one.

Coldest Canadian

Emily Conlan of Guelph is competing in the, 'Coldest Canadian Contest,' put on by Air New Zealand. The prize is a trip to N.Z. Here's a vid of Emily who looks like she'll probably win (although this seems like doing way too much just for plane tickets)...

Unscrupulous CRTC!

The CRTC is messing with us again. Now they plan to strike down the laws that prevent newscasters from making things up! http://arts.nationalpost.com/2011/02/13/new-crtc-rules-will-make-the-news-more-fun/

Say No to Pet Squirrels!

I'm still livid about a February 7th article in Maclean's by Julia McKinnel on keeping squirrels for pets. They're wily, fiendish little animals; similar to rats with big bushy tails. The last thing that you should do is have a squirrel for a pet. When I was little the only kids who had them grew up to be deranged low-lifes. Infact, I had a pet squirrel once and it bit me really hard. Pigeons and, possibly, Baby Alligators may make more suitable pets.

Tim Hudak's Election Victory!

Tim Hudak is the new Premiere of Ontario! While some may think it's glib to forcast an election victory that will happen in October, Dalton McGuinty minus well hand over the reigns of power and sulk away. The reason why: Hudak has said that he'll bring back a buck a beer!

Remember how the Liberals gave into the demands of the bigger breweries and raised beer prices? Now with Hudak as our leader we'll be able to party again like it's 2007!

Controversial Maclean's

After a number of hard-hitting articles designed to tear reader's eyes away from their computer screens to buy an issue of Maclean's, including suggesting that there are too many Asians in Toronto universities and calling Quebec the most corrupt province (and, in the process, slandering Bonhomme), Maclean's continues to spew adversity with this article by Julia McKinnell in the February 7th issue...

CRTC Backs Down

It could be said that the CRTC is a scapegoat; an outmoded regulatory committee that's job is to make the Conservative government look good. Just like last year when Wind Mobile was prevented from doing business in Canada, the Tories have threatened to step in as the CRTC focused its attention on ending unlimited internet which isn't sold by Bell or Rogers but from smaller providers.

Tony Clement tweeted, 'In my media interviews today I've been stressing the need for CRTC to reverse decision. Cabinet will act otherwise,' showing that Ottawa would no doubt intervene if  they again go too far. http://twitter.com/tonyclement_MP

Yesterday the chair of the CRTC said he would put his evil plans on hold bowing down to the thousands of complaints he's received from Canadians.

The CRTC should set its sights on doing things more useful. Like:

-The creation of a, 'Littlest Hobo' channel. The greatest Canadian TV show ever made could be on 24-hours a day.

-Forcing the CBC to show, 'Father Ted.'

-Getting Peter Mansbridge to at least wear a hat because the glare coming off of his bald head is distracting as he reads the nightly news.

While Chicago bore the brunt of the storm, Southern Ontario still saw a lot of snow...

Correction and Appology

In an earlier blog post entitled, 'The beginning of the end of the internet as we know it,' it was stated that people in Ontario simultaneously turn the channel after, 'Father Ted,' when Steve Paikin's show, 'The Agenda,' comes on. I appologize for trying to create this misconception and am sorry for any stress that I've caused the employees of TVO.

In reality, 'Father Ted' hasn't been on TVO in ten years as it was found to be racist and insulting to Catholics. What I should have said is that after, 'Britain from Above,' is over people in Ontario simultaneously turn the channel before Steve Paikin starts talking.

Father Ted can be seen on Vision Fridays at 8:30 PM. Canada's public broadcasters won't air the show because it has been deemed offensive to some in the Christian community.

Still from CBC's, 'Little Mosque on the Prairie.'

Defence Critic Dominic LeBlanc's Plans to Replace the CF-18...

Journalistic Impartiality

We at EL CANADU have realized that our blog could be construed as having a pro-Conservative bias, having joined forces with the Tories in Iggy bashing because it's so much fun. On Blogging Canadians we are listed as being non partisan. To keep things fair here is an advertisement on behalf of Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada...

Woops. That was really an ad for a North Korean automobile. No idea how that got in there. We'll have a Liberal ad as soon as possible.

Tories Take Over Prime Time TV!

As the Liberals have pulled ads from television the Conservatives, the wealthiest political party in Canada, continue their relentless Iggy bashing. Yesterday night on, 'The National' Wendy Mesley figured that the cost of airing one of the 30 second commercials in prime time at $33 000.

Thanks to donations being up last year, they have money to throw at this. I say kick Iggy while he's down! Talk to TV show producers to fandangle something along the lines of product placement...

Canadian Bikini

The beginning of the end of the internet as we know it...

While the Hosni Mubarak government of Egypt has pulled the plug on internet and cell phone communication to leave protesters in the dark, the U.S. government is tabling a bill (an amendment to the Homeland Security Act) that would allow the President to also pull the plug on cyberspace in times of trouble. It should be said: Don't throw out your old Ham radios yet!

Here in Canada there will be no need for a kill switch. In times of civil unrest the PMO will call the CRTC and they will begin to slowly but surely regulate the net to death. Infact, if the CRTC steps in to insure Canadian content it will be dead in five minutes: The internet will be switched off simultaneously by everyone here just like when people turn the channel after an episode of Father Ted and Steve Paikin starts yaking.

Olympic Aftermath

As the police investigate  whether to lay charges in regards to the 100 sled dogs killed by a B.C. tour company, it's been revealed that the cause of the massacre was the sudden decline in tourism after the Olympics. Innocent victims, the dogs were no longer needed by the companies Howling Dog Tours and Outdoors Adventures.


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