What Happened To @OccupyPyongYang?

After much hesitation I finally joined the Occupy movement. It was the death of Dear Leader Kim Jong-il that inspired me to do so...

So I started following @OccupyPyongYang on Twitter. But then they suddenly disappeared. So who disappeared them? Did Twitter bow down to pressure from the DPRK? I've been asking this for the past few days and nobody seems to know. But one place that needs an Occupy movement is certainly North Korea. Here's a link to an article that wonders where @OccupyPyongYang went, too: http://challengingduelism.tumblr.com/post/14663377579/what-happened-to-occupypyongyang In it the author asks that people tweet this:

#Twitter & #Google where is @OccupyPyongYang? #censorship #1pc

So lets get the Occupy movement going again but this time in places that need it.

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