Pakistan Is Winning Its War Against Christians!

After Shahbaz Bhatti, the Catholic minister of minority affairs, was murdered, Muslims in Pakistan further secured their brutal onslaught against Christians. The Punjab governor, Salman Taseer, called for calm so then they murdered him, too. The country has tough anti-blasphemy laws which are also vague and in place only to protect the dignity of some Muslim deity.

Possible Muslim deity (file photo)
A curious idiosyncrasy of the Pakistani legal system is that Christian girls are being raped by Muslim men, then the victim is thrown in jail for the infidelity, then they are only released on the condition that they marry their rapist, thus converting to Islam. This is but one of the ways that the minority Christian population is being purged. It also shows that premarital sex in Pakistan doesn't differ much from Cro-Magnon man where a girl would be grabbed by her hair and dragged back to a cave.

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