Auditor General Says McGuinty Is Running Ontario Into The Ground!

The Auditor General, Jim McCarter, has released a report critical of McGuinty's green energy projects. Aside from saying that Ontarians spend too much on auto insurance and alcohol, he predicts already high hydro bills will go up 220 million a year. McCarter states that billions of dollars have been approved without any oversight into the eventual cost and feasibility of green energy.

Maybe we should all pitch green energy ideas to the McGuinty Liberals while they're still handing cash away...

We could get a satellite to beam solar energy down
to  us in laser form. *This may also have
military applications.

What happened to the 'Cold Fusion' craze of 1989? Build
 giant cold fusion reactors to replace ageing nuclear ones.

Run everything using 'Perpetual Motion.' And this one is so
obvious--Come on McGuinty: are you asleep at
the switch?

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