Toronto Is Most Hated City In Canada!

A Leger poll has found that Toronto is the most hated city in Canada. Nobody saw that coming.

At this time I'd like to draw attention away from Toronto by reminding people of a different Ontario town which never got off the ground. In order to do this I'll republish an old post from June 8th where I apologise for all of the various copyright violations I have committed while writing this blog.

The town's name is:

Sodom, Ontario.

Here's the post:

A Retraction and Our Sympathy

In stealing semi-copyrighted pics off of Tumblr and Creative Commons we sometimes make mistakes. On June 6th in a story entitled, 'Canucks Win Stanley Cup, Cow Predicts,' we used a photo without the realization that the six people in it have passed away. Our sympathy goes out and we apologize to their loved ones...

This photo was taken in 1888 in Sodom, Ontario at the Anti-Irish but Pro-Fenian St. Patrick's Day Barbecue.

1. Jeffrey Blacktooth lived for another two years but then hugged himself so hard that he imploded.
2. Fawnsworth Twilliger was later unmasked as not being from the town of Sodom but, really from Dildo, Newfoundland. He was hanged for treason.
3. Mr. Sanje Gupta was the first East Indian immigrant to the town. As such he was asked to leave. He later died of scurvy (strangely in the middle of Saskatchewan).
4. Ellis Davenport III is said to have disappeared after inventing a time machine. If true he may reappear on August 1rst of this year. However, many believe this is unlikely because his invention consisted of a hot air balloon, a giraffe, and 1000Ibs of dynamite.
5. Henrietta Sunshine lived for another 30 years. During World War 1 she became convinced that she could single-handedly defeat the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She was last seen walking through no man's land wielding a baseball bat.
6. Hugh-Jefferson Sunshine was so distraught by the disappearance of his wife, Henrietta, that he began to write and recite terrible poetry. The townspeople of Sodom eventually disappeared him, too.
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