Pat Martin New F_cking NDP Leader?

The choice has become clear in the NDP leadership race: Pat Martin, MP for Winnipeg center is the only obvious contender.

This is the leader that will make the New Democrats the governing party. He's decisive, analytical, and a brilliant communicator. Some of the policies that he'll introduce may be controversial. For example Martin hates youth. Last month he told the House of Commons that, "Every kid on the street (in Winnipeg) there has a bolt cutter so he can steal bikes."

Now, talking about the federal budget on Twitter, he has begun using the 'F' word.

Another Twitter user, @LettingSmokeOut intervened with...

'Sad how a foul mouth socialist capitalizes "Budget" but not "god" '

And Martin quickly responded with a very curt 'F' you.

The choice is clear for the NDP: Pat Martin is the man that will take Canada further into the f_cking 21rst F_cking century by defeating the f_cking Conservatives and that f_cking Harper.
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