CBC New Home For Washed-Up Actors

1980s actor Alan Thicke has been seen around the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation a number of times recently. This is raising concerns that the CBC is becoming a haven for washed-up or typecast Hollywood actors. Just last October Thicke starred in a, '22 Minutes' tribute to the 1980s and now there's talk that he will be in something called, 'Canada Reads' where he will probably review books written by Margaret Atwood.

At some point in the 1980s Thicke was in a sitcom which was rumoured to be successful. I'm familiar with the shows of that time and he wasn't in Cheers, WKRP in Cincinnati, Night Court, Cheers, Alf, The Cosby Show, or Cheers. So exactly what show was it?

If the CBC turns into a refuge for Canadian actors who can't make it in America anymore than expect to see more familiar faces of old on it. New programming could include David Foley, Chevy Chase (who is Canadian by association), Tom Green, Sarah Poley, and Devon Sawa. And whatever happened to that guy who use to be in the, 'Red/Green Show?' Does he do the weather on Buffalo news channel 4 now?

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