The Revolution Is Coming!

Roseanne Barr in her past life.
The Occupy Wall Street Movement has begun to annoy many New Yorkers. But, as Karl Marx said, society moves in waves: So there may be a revolution for the thankless proletariat, and then a decline in revolution, and then another revolution, finally leading up to one led by Roseanne Barr.

In August Generalissimo Roseanne announced her intention to run for the President of the United States on the Green Tea Party ticket. This went largely unnoticed but caused some people to ponder whether she has actually had a cup of green tea in her life. But now the revolutionary hero has turned her attention to the protests, even calling for people's heads.

And this is all something liberal Hollywood has created. When some annoying fad actor becomes a celebrity and then they sink away into obscurity, sometimes they come back: 10x worse than before.

The revolution will be coming to Ottawa, Toronto, and Calgary on October 15th. They're leaving out Vancouver because they're terrified that some Stanley Cup hooligans may still be around.

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