Pakistan Declares War On Little Girl!

(Havelian, Pakistan) A 13-year-old Christian girl made a simple spelling mistake. While writing in Urdu, Faryal Bhatti misplaced a stroke with a dot.

What Urdu looks like.

Instead of writing the word, 'Naat,' which means praise, she had written the word, 'Laanat,' which means curse.  The whole scandal about this is that she had been copying a poem about Muhammad.

After being beaten in front of the class the teacher referred her over to the principal's office and word about the spelling error quickly spread from there.

Now Muhammad may be an exalting and forgiving deity but, his disciples certainly aren't. Hundreds of protesters sprung forth demanding that the little girl be expelled and her family evicted from their home. Clerics are now voicing concern that the spelling error was really a conspiracy against Islam-this despite her tearful public apology.

And the Pakistani government has given in to the protests, evicting the Bhattis and firing the mother from her government job.

But now wait! With all of this going on how could Muhammad be described as anything other than a curse?

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