Why Didn't Anybody Care About The Soviet Polar Bears?

With the Keystone XL Pipeline under fire and the president pressured to cancel the project, we draw your attention to the Trans-Siberian Pipeline...

It's alleged that in the early 1980s the CIA was tipped off that the Soviets were going to steal computer software for use in the pipeline. So they installed a trojan horse which caused an explosion of 3 kilotons of TNT. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siberian_pipeline_sabotage

With all of the people protesting Keystone XL why didn't someone ever say anything about all of the poor Soviet polar bears who lost their lives?

Here are some more facts I've Tweeted about the Keystone XL Pipeline:

Fact: Homeland security finds penguins escaping brutality of Harper regime via Keystone XL.

Fact: Keystone XL does poorly as guest host on SNL: Spewing oil on everyone not funny.

Fact: Leonardo DiCaprio spotted making out with Keystone XL in busy restaurant.

Fact: Winnipeg Jets move back to Atlanta after Keystone XL destroys their arena.

Fact: Sex experts concerned of hot liquid spewing through massive pipe. TransCanada bankrupted covering Keystone XL in latex.
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