Rick Mercer Promotes Homosexuality To Catholic School Kids!

"Noted CBC homosexual Rick Mercer."
Noted CBC homosexual Rick Mercer is fuming over many Catholic schools decisions not to allow gay-straight alliance support groups on their campuses, saying, "any school board that will not allow them to start GSAs is completely ridiculous and absurd in a country like ours."

This blogger has a firm stance on this whole issue. While many devout people feel that they cannot condone a gay lifestyle because of religious beliefs, I say, "What gay lifestyle?"

Instead of being for or against gay-straight alliance groups, I simply don't believe that homosexuality exists. It's a gimmick that was made up by clever marketers sort of like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. And advertising execs have made a killing with it selling everything from designer underpants to Madonna CDs.

So go ahead and have your gay campus groups and be a corporate shill for the global underpants-Madonna CD consortium.
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