Barack Obama Wants To Eliminate Canada!

As fears grow of a second recession, US president Barack Obama would like to add a 'buy American' provision to his stimulus proposal. This will effectively kill Canada and reduce us all back to working as whalers and seal hunters.

What does America want? First they like our oil, then they don't want it. Are they environmentalists now that want their Chevy's made in Seattle and their solar panels built in Buffalo, NY? Do they still want to expropriate our trees and our water?

But if this provision goes into effect then Canadians will have to take drastic measures. That's why we'll probably be having a...

Fire Sale! Everything must go!

We've got...

-Millions of employable people.
-Millions of used automobiles.
-Buildings. And not the kind that the world sees on, Road To Avonlea: Our bigger cities actually have skyscrapers.
-Forests, wildlife, and picturesque mountains.
-We've also got Peter Mansbridge: He could probably read the news in any foreign country.
-And much, much more.

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