When Toronto Communists Attack!

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti is going to war with the communists that have infiltrated Toronto. This blogger says it's about time. T.O. could use a red scare. Then we'll enter a golden age where we build futuristic cars with huge chrome grills and fins and begin a space race with some foreign power (possibly Vancouver) to put a man on the moon.

           Watch this eye-opening film on the evils of communism

But one commie has come forth to argue against Bolshevik bashing. Jordy Cummings, a PhD student in political theory, has stepped foward to admit to the National Post that his allegiances are with Marx and Lenin. Mr. Cummings said that many communists have helped build the city of Toronto and that, "There are schools, roads, and colleges named for various socialists, communists and anti-capitalists in history, in particular Norman Bethune."

Despite the fact that Cummings can't see the virtues of democracy and capitalism through his rose-coloured glasses, he is right: Many things in Canada are named after Norman Bethune: A commie. The only solution to this is to change a lot of names: Bethune College at York University could become, 'The Matt Cvetic Institute for Studies in Freedom,' and Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute can become, 'The Sam Steele Center for Patriotic Learning.'

  Sam Steele was possibly flamboyantly homosexual in private but,
                                  he was no commie!

But just how deep does the commie rabbit hole in T.O. go? Using Wikipedia this blogger has unearthed evidence that a long time ago (in the 1980s and 1990s) Giorgio Mammoliti was a member of the NDP and a union steward: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giorgio_Mammoliti Mammoliti may, himself, be some kind of double agent deep undercover mole sent here to cause all kinds of trouble. It's something to think about.
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