Vic Toews Caught With Cocaine!

The Minister for Public Safety, Vic Toews, set off a red alert at Toronto's Pearson airport because he had cocaine in his possession. Trace amounts of the drug were found on a $20 bill he had in his wallet. So far it's being claimed that it's common to have small amounts of cocaine on currency and that Toews has done nothing wrong: A likely story. However, this blogger asks whether this is just a cover-up. Isn't it possible that the Minister for Public Safety is involved in an international drug cartel? Toews could be secretly going to Columbia and bringing back tiny amounts on $20 bills, slowly but surely amassing himself a fortune in blow. And where is Stephen Harper at this very moment? Columbia: Isn't it a little strange that Toews is discovered with some nose candy in his pocket and at the same time the Prime Minister is making a trip to Bogota on alleged free trade negotiations?

Recess at the House of Commons?

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