Quebec Seperatists Seize Control Of The NDP!

In what must be some kind of coup d'etat a sickly looking Jack Layton seemed depressed as he announced that he would be stepping down for a little while and was quickly replaced as leader of the New Democrats by Nycole Trumel, a separatist. 

After winning big in Quebec during the last federal election many believed that the sovereignty movement was finished on Parliament Hill because of the dramatic defeat of the Bloc Quebecois. But now those wily French people who want to set up their own republic between Ottawa and New Brunswick are back!

Illustration of what we believe Nycole Trumel might
look like as she forcibly takes control of the NDP.

And now that the Sovereignty movement is back as the Official Opposition I say good on them. Trumel may or may not make a good seperatist leader. Canada is a country where that sort of thing is both accepted and frowned upon. So I also point out that she may be wrong. A few years from now Quebec will or will not seperate. Then comes the long arduous process of repatriating Quebecers back into Canada (or not). And then they may seperate again. If you don't like it move back to New Hampshire.

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