Failed Refugee Claimant? Win The Lottery!

Proving that Canada is crazy, failed refugee claimants will be given $2000 as an incentive to return home. Incentive? Incentive? Where's my incentive? I didn't participate in any riots over the past year: I didn't get paid for that! So I fired off a Tweet to Tony Clement just to tell him that: I never hear back from Clement though. Infact, the only famous Canadian I've ever conversed with on Twitter is Ralph Benmurgui. To meander off topic, it went like this...

ralphbenmergui: I've been waiting for days. @ezralevant are you in favour of capital punishment?

(I butt in) me: @ralphbenmergui Not for oil execs but def for CBC employees.

ralphbenmergui: not sure what you're responding to but I haven't worked for 8 years. Great place, great people.
(At which point I say, 'Wow. Somebody is conversing with me on this computer contraption and it's not another Thai Princess claiming to be in a refugee camp in Nigeria? So I suck up).

me: @ralphbenmergui Just kidding! Saw all your shows on CBC in 90s + Your recent Vision show.

(Or read about his shows on Wikipedia).
ralphbenmergui: thanks.
And to sort of get back on topic here's Ralph interviewing two CBC immigration experts (circa 1992).

Now I'm going back to Twitter to Tweet this 1000x over: @ezralevant Ezra, are you in favour of gays on the CBC? In particular, Don Cherry?
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