Who Is Canada's Charles Manson?

His name is Roch Theriault...Or at least it was until February 26/2011 when he was found murdered by another inmate in his New Brunswick jail cell.

Nicknamed Moses, he was a cult leader who preached the world would soon end. His followers numbered 12 adults, nine of whom were female. Theriault may have fathered as many as 30 children.

Believing himself to be the Biblical reincarnation of Moses, he preached polygamy and women's subordination to man. He operated on his followers, castrating a two-year-old boy when he tried to remove a lump, pulling out teeth with tweezers, even amputating a limb. He disemboweled his wife, Solange Boilard, in 1988.

He had started out as a Christian intent on saving people from addictions. Giving seminars and talking about his crusade to free Quebeckers from their bad habits, his followers flocked to him: It was not originally his intent to start a commune. But from there things got out of hand.

With their new leader, the group began distancing itself from the church, withdrawing into the wilderness. Thierault also convinced them to break off all ties to their friends and families. God told him that the world would end on February 19, 1979. When it didn't happen, they continued to believe in him.

First charged in obstructing justice in 1979 because police were looking for one of his followers, he was found guilty and given a suspended sentence: He simply returned to the commune. From there he became increasingly abusive. After preforming operations on his subjects through the 1980's, the woman whose arm had been amputated fled. Police moved in and he would go to jail for good.

A Movie About Canada's Charles Manson...

'Savage Messiah' is a (2002) film about the social worker that begins to uncover the whole terrible events that were taking place at the Theriault commune...

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