What to do if you have a CO.CC blog with high PageRank

Google has delisted free domains like CO.CC and CO.TV from their search index.

What Google did to CO.CC

This has subsequently destroyed the lives of many bloggers who were to cheap to get their own .com or even .info url. I used the money that I saved to buy beer.

Some of my best second-rate blogs were on CO.CC. Now I have to find a new home for them or move them into other blogs. Gone are such gems as...

What To Do If The Communists Takeover America


It's the 1980s

But my jury duty blog will live on. I'm not an egotist or anything but, it probably is the greatest blog ever written. For some reason, despite the fact that Google has deindexed all CO.CC sites, it maintains a PageRank of 3. If you have a CO.CC address you can appeal to Google that they reindex it. I've done this but it takes a long, long time to hear back from them. In the meantime get a CO.NR redirect. http://www.freedomain.co.nr/ CO.NR will probably never be deindexed because they're more active in fighting spammers. Now my jury duty blog can be found at: http://www.how-to-get-out-of-jury-duty.co.nr/
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