World to Canada: "You're Not Funny Anymore!"

In a survey by Canadians ranked near the bottom on who people thought were the funniest nationalities. Americans ranked #1. Things in the Great White North seem bleak. Since the 1980s we have exported the funniest people to the U.S. so that they could make comedies in Hollywood or act as sidekicks to David Letterman. The last few funny Canadians recently left to find work on, 'The Daily Show,' with Jon Stewart.

But wait! If Americans really are the funniest people then they are also tortured souls. A more reputable survey ranked them last in a happiness index. It found that the Chinese are most joyous, North Koreans are #2, and U.S. citizens are so depressed that they hardly registered.

And this happiness index wasn't sponsored by some website. It came from a government: The DPRK.
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