Terror Ends with Capture of a Fugitive in Milton, Ontario!

Suspense and horror came to an end in Milton as officials captured a fugitive. Sitings of the deviant had occurred in the area over the past three weeks but, always eluded authorities. Police feared for the lives of drivers as the ruffian would loiter on streets in late afternoon and evening.

A cow is now in custody after going AWOL and wandering around for almost a month.

Communities should always show constant vigilance against cows who insist on staying up at all hours of the day and who go joy-grazing. In this fast-paced world of modern John Deere tractors and automated cattle feeding, a young bovine may think it's better off on the streets rather than at home on the farm. If your at a stop light and a wayward cow squeegees your windshield for some spare change, don't feel sorry for it and give in. You'd just be encouraging this type of behaviour. Ignore the cow-don't even make eye contact. Hopefully, it is just going through a phase and will soon return to its loved ones.

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