Opposition to Harper: "Stop Your Frivolous Spending!"

"Harper's spending has gotten so
out of hand that he expects the
Canadian tax payer to protect him
from would-be assassins."

The Liberals and the NDP joined forces yesterday to call Canada a 2nd rate country. They are outraged that the Prime Minister went to see the Vancouver Canucks play the Bruins in Boston during game 4 of the playoffs.  Harper should take a Greyhound Bus or hitchhike instead of flying on a government jet, when he goes abroad.

The PM isn't allowed to fly on a normal commercial airline for security reasons. So what's his excuse for not flying discount carrier JetBlue? If you told Americans that the leader of Canada went to a playoff hockey game to watch a Canadian team, flying there on a government plane, they'd be dumbfounded by the waste and massive expenditures that Stephen Harper is racking up.

Harper's lavish spending on himself has gotten so out of hand that he expects the Canadian taxpayer to protect him from would-be assassins. It's madness! Back when Jean Chretien and the Liberals were in power none of this was happening. It's true that we still had to pay for security: But to protect the public from Chretien...

But it's not like Chretien ever flew anywhere.

There's probably a simple solution to all of this. The American president has Air Force One. The federal government has to get something similar-but cheaper...

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