In Defense of Stephen Harper

Little Girl with stop sign protest sign is calling for Canada to have it's own Arab spring to overthrow the Harper government.

Silly Little Girl! Calgary, Montreal, and Halifax are not Syria, Libya, and Egypt. Our leader was democratically elected.

"Stephen Harper is not girly,
made up, or a serial killer."

Little Girl was a parliamentary page that went to the University of Ottawa: That means she's a member of the Liberal Party.

When your party is unpopular because it is inane and mismanaged, what do you do? Call for a revolution?

We at El Canadu support Stephen Harper because he is the least awful of all the alternatives. We speak for a lot of Canadians in saying that we believe Harper is a thoroughly mediocre Prime Minister. However, it's important to remember that he's not as ugly as John G. Diefenbaker or as crazy as Mackenzie King. Heck, I doubt he's ever gotten so drunk that he stumbled around Ottawa yelling at lamp posts like John A. Macdonald. He's also not girly (Pierre Trudeau), or possibly just made up (Louis St. Laurent), or some kind of serial killer (R.B. Bennet). And at the end of the day, when you choose someone to lead a country, isn't not being all of those things something that matters?

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