In Canada Asbestos is Good for You!

It's a little known fact that the Prime Minister carries a list with him at all times of all of Canada's enemies on the world stage. This is it...

#1) The Taliban
#2) Muammar Gaddafi
#3) North Korea
#4) Denmark
#5) The state of Delaware
#6) Wil Wheaton

But now a new enemy has emerged and been added to the list, eclipsing Canadian's collective hatred of Denmark, Delaware, and Wil Wheaton. Our fourth biggest enemy is now all of those whiny complainers who think that asbestos is bad for you. What's the old adage? Everything in moderation.

           Made in America in 1959 this film is set to premiere
                              in Canada later this summer

Sure. Asbestos may have caused cancer. But that was a long time ago. Besides, the human body has probably evolved since then.

Sign a petition to tell the government of Canada to stop exporting Asbestos to the third world: and send your complaints to the Prime Minister's office:
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