Groundbreaking Scientific Discovery From Vancouver Hockey Fans Yesterday!

It was postulated in downtown Vancouver, after the Bruins beat the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup, that burning cars do not explode into massive fireballs, killing everyone around. This had been the theory previously held by almost everyone. Inquiring minds put the new hypothesis to the test to the chagrin of some automobile owners. As police and firefighters stood by incase the experiment got out of hand, people lit cars ablaze with fireworks and garbage. They then stood there, close to the flames! This was all captured by the CBC, who feared that once fire reached the gas tanks there would be many dead.

It use to be that people would run away from burning cars. But, yesterday, some inquisitive Vancouverites turned conventional wisdom upside down. Is it now safe to stand next to an automobile inferno? Probably only further research will answer that question.

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