Canucks Win Stanley Cup, Cow Predicts

A two-year-old cow named TriKXi has predicted the winner in every round of the playoffs, choosing a team by eating out of buckets with NHL logos on them. She's done this for radio station KX96. And now she's favouring Vancouver!

Also there's news that Winnipeg's new NHL team may not be called the, 'Jets.' The league owns the name, 'Winnipeg Jets,' and they won't be giving it away cheap. If anything, you'd think that Boeing would have the word, 'Jets,' trademarked.

The NHL already wants almost $90 000 from Fadl Issa, a Montreal restaurant owner for his unauthorized use of a Canadiens logo and the phrase, 'Go Habs Go!.'

TriKXi better be careful! She may be on thin ice. By predicting the Canucks will win she may be infringing on an NHL copyright. Garry Bettman may be chowing down on her at a barbeque for league executives someday soon.

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