Canada Goes Postal!

As many of our dedicated readers know, EL CANADU is your premiere Blogspot blog for all news, politics, and bears that happen in Canada. That's why I was surprised to be in a bar last night and people were talking about a, 'postal' strike. What gives?

In the U.S. they had a civil war. Many Americans enjoy dressing up in the costumes of old and running around reenacting the struggle between the North and the South.

Canada never had a civil war. But we still have our own history buffs willing to dress up in the costumes of their great grandfathers to relive the past.

A long, long time ago, before there were computers, Canada had something called, 'Un bureau de poste.' I don't speak ancient Algonquin but, I think that that translates into, 'He who walks and brings letters leaving them in a box just outside my front door.'

Many Canadians are into nostalgia and some are into dressing up as what they think actual 'bureau de postes' looked like and carrying out the duties of what was once called, 'un mailman.'

Artist's conception of what, 'un
mailman' might have dressed like.'

The time before computers was so long ago that some things are hard to piece together. Back, before there was email, people would write messages on paper and then lick envelopes shut and also lick something known as, 'stamps,' sticking these things to the paper. Many historians now believe that this unhygienic process was key in spreading the influenza pandemic of 1919.

This is what a mail delivery carriage use to look
like. Note that the horse that would have
normally pulled it is vacant from this picture.

Archeologists recently discovered some kind of
paper letter delivery rock shelter in downtown
Toronto. It's being carefully preserved to help
us understand what went on before email. 

Regardless if history buffs would like to reenact what they believe is ancient labour strikes, letter carrying and delivering is an important part of Canada's history...Like Polar Bears or arguing with Americans that we won the war of 1812.
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