Terrible Quebec NDP MPs?

With Quebec mired in political scandal after political scandal, the electorate chose to punish the established parties by voting for NDP MP's. Now with more attention being the official opposition, people will be hearing a lot more from New Democrats. This will invariably show that Quebec voters have made a big mistake.

Just last night, Thomas Mulcair, the deputy leader of the party, was on the CBC's Power and Politics, voicing his belief that President Obama really has no photographs of a dead Bin Laden. Will Mulcair soon reveal himself to be a 'truther,' doubting that passenger airliners could bring down buildings when crashed into them?

Ruth Ellen Brosseau
Then there's Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who already made news for being in Vegas when she should have been campaigning. Now there are allegations that some of the names on her nomination list may have been false. Brosseau is what they call a, 'paper candidate:' Somebody with little experience allowed to run in a seat previously thought to be unattainable for the NDP. Infact there are doubts as to whether she has even set foot in the Berthier-Maskinong√© riding that she now represents, being an anglophone who lives in the Ottawa area.

Quebeckers will soon discover that their newly elected MPs are totally inadequate for government. Within the next few weeks expect more shocking revelations like Pierre-Luc Dusseault, elected in the Sherbrooke riding, seemingly too young for office, is really a 14-year-old high school junior from New Brunswick, and that Helene Laverdiere, who now owns Laurier-Sainte-Marie, is really an inanimate tree stump from the Montreal Botanical Gardens.
The new Quebec NDP members of parliament are way too inexperienced. Sure, they may have been elected on an anti-corruption protest vote, but they'll soon learn that it takes years and years of dedicated public service before they can partake in the odd patronage scam or fill their trunks with gold from the Royal Mint, without someone blowing the whistle.
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